Birthing from Within November Immersion

We’ll use a variety of hands-on and multi sensory approaches to explore the intellectual and instinctual aspects of childbirth.

Where to Meet
Portland Doula Love Wellness Center
5822 N. Greeley Portland Oregon 97217 Multnomah

We’ll examine what happens to the body and mind during labor and delivery, consider the differences in cultural perceptions of pain, learn mindfulness practices to help cope with the intensity of labor, and share multiple approaches to the birth experience.

Intimate class size allows us to tailor each class to the specific needs and interests of the participants.

Class fee is $250 and includes partner or birth companion. Please inquire about sliding scale rates if needed.

Understanding Childbirth
  • Birth wishes and intentions
  • The physical, mental and emotional processes of labor and birth
  • How labor works, what it looks like, what to do
  • The role of hormones and birth physiology
  • Evidence based research and how to make decisions in awareness
The Childbirth Experience
  • Assumptions about pain
  • The role of Partners and Birth Companions
  • Coping practices, positions and hands on support for labor
  • How to cope with unexpected surprises
  • Honoring Childbirth as a profound rite of passage and birth as a Heroic journey
Postpartum Recovery
  • Healing after birth
  • Newborn appearance and procedures
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Feeding your baby
  • The postpartum return