Sarah M.

My husband and I are expecting our baby girl in May 2014 and took our birth prep course with Christine D’Esposito through Portland Doula love. We found Christine to be a really calming, soothing, and reassuring presence. She made the class feel very communal and comforting, while also packing in a lot of great information.

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Cora L.

We took the Birthing From Within weekend immersion class with Christine D’Esposito. It was amazing and got more than we anticipated out of the experience. Would recommend this to any new parents. Christine was professional, kind, warm, and extremely knowledgeable. Well worth the cost of the class!

Sandy D.

 Christine is warm, insightful, non-judgmental and an incredible resource for parents-to-be.

Her class opened our minds and our hearts. I personally became more confident about what the future holds for me, my partner, my baby and our birth experience. We took the Birthing From Within class with Christine and we are so glad we did!

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Leta M.

I loved the safe setting. It was a great place for [my husband] and I to share our thoughts, fears, and questions about childbirth. I loved the fact that it didn’t teach a particular method, but rather helped us learn about our own coping skills, and learn how to tap into that strength during labor.

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Laura D.

Because of Christine’s Birthing From Within class, we had all the tools to make the birth of our first child an amazing experience! The classes were small and we were able to get all of our questions answered while at the same time getting to know other couples who were going through the same things.

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Jeremy N.

Since discovering that I was going to be a father, I had been concerned about my own ability to contribute. My wife had equipment and instincts that I did not, and I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to identify and fulfill the role I needed to. Christine’s class helped me find instincts that I never knew I had, and connected me both practically and emotionally to the birthing process.

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